Fugueh Gotimo was a Japanese Zen master with the 13 century.

He utilized to walk the same path to his market store each and every day, where he’d work until late, and then although walk back home once again.

Day after day, six days a week, since way back when, he performed this daily ritual. Why it requires to have been for around twenty years that he had been accomplishing this, he previously thought only recently to himself.

He had a friend who would walk with him, so help him in the small store, through the busy day.

For the friend though, these journey’s were so boring and monotonous and repetitive for him, that each day around the journey, he would just talk. He talked and talked about anything and everything, often repeating himself from day to day and without even really realising that was happening.

He was attempting to break the monotony in the long walk with the monotony of his talking. But he hadn’t realised this was in fact what he was doing.

So Fugueh utilized to walk silently, while his friend would always talk the full journey about another thing or another.

Then eventually, after many years of the continuing friendship. Fugueh asked Gilme an issue.

He simply said now to Gilme, his friend of countless long many years of association.

“What have you been talking to me about yesterday, my buddy?”

Gilme of course could not remember, as they always just talked for talking’s sake, and so he never much remembered anything he had said of these daily walks to the market. Each walk took one or more hour in the morning, and another hour coming home at night.

Fugueh then thought to Gilme:

“Well, it will always be good to remember what you say, as whatever you say is not unimportant.”

The rest from the walk, Gilme was completely silent.

And the very next day as well, along with the next, until the end with the week emerged again.

On the past day from the week, while walking home again together, Fugueh spoke once again, and also this time he told Gilme something like this:

“Speaking must be only directed at one who listens, and just if the the one which listens can also speak.”

And from the outset then in the next week, Gilme who had thought during these comments all weekend, told Fugueh.

“Well said. I’m a talker, but your a philosopher. Your a listener, and I’m only a speaker. Is that what you meant to inform me? I will not talk idly to you personally ever again, my dear friend, for you personally have educated me in a great and a lot valuable lesson.”

Fugueh just smiled as he replied:

“But to communicate in is never wrong my friend. It could be the words which might be important, and you also must continually watch your words, so that they will then watch you.”

Gilme liked the way that Fugueh put his wisdom into seemingly paradoxical, therefore often into such meaningless sounding statements.

And he realised the real meaning now instantly.

Even the words were not in order important as the message behind what. The real message was only received through the listener if it was permitted to be given in a way that was directly spirited from that person’s heart, rather than from their thoughts barely washing themselves in the market to someone without real meaning.

An idle thought brings an idle person from it, and a heart felt thought brings forth the connection for the heart, that this speaker should be trying to bring to the listener.

And so Gilme realised he needed to communicate in more from his heart for the heart in the other person, understanding that idle thoughts usually only ever took him away from his heart, plus from most of his listeners, unless obviously, we were holding enlightened listeners, like Fugueh was.

From that day onwards, although the journey was still being monotonously boring to him, he never allowed his conversation to become monotonously only flowing forth from his mouth and from a clear mind.

He always tried to allow it to all move through his heart first. He knew now that jail mind, though good in meditation, could sometimes behave as a vacuum as part of his real life. Instead of appreciating the silence, he had to monotonously fill it using the noise happening within their own mind.

The problem was that his mind never seemed to empty itself of those idle thoughts. One thoughtless thought always results in another. Fugueh was looking to show Gilme value of mindfulness, and of inner awareness.

The enlightened and aware will never be bored by life.

Love is creative in all of the that it does. Love isn’t monotonous. Love never repeats itself. Love is never a similar love every time that you feel it. Love grows into its own wisdom at the same time the experiences grow from living there.

Boredom simply arises from fear. This fear is often a fear of loving. You are stopping yourself from loving enough, it then stops you additionally in the following of the creativeness of your personal soul’s purpose along your personal unique life path.

Gilme still had to realise that these same thoughts and awareness about monotony also placed on all of his life, and also to his repeating of this journey which they made together daily and every day.

It was obvious that Fugueh had never felt this journey to be monotonous, and it seemed like which it was forever all new and fresh to him. He actually looked forward to these morning and afternoon walks a growing number of, each new day of his life.

Even Fugueh was still growing though, and although he was considered an expert by some, he himself had never said this about himself. He knew that many day was a new experience, and a new beginning, and a renewed chance, plus a new chance of him growing and to improve his or her own self and consciousness as well, more.

Fugueh knew there’s always another step to take on every path. The journey is unending. We become greater and greater knowledge of love and exactly how it fits into life every moment of life that individuals live. The journey would be to see love in every event, also to realise who’s is always a new seeing, of a new love.

Gilme had also learnt much in this last week, and that he knew now that true communication is rarely monotonous in any way.

Actually he already learnt all with this already as part of his heart too, through the years from his associating with Fugueh. Being in Fugueh’s presence appeared to have this affect on everybody else. They suddenly some day became conscious of what they already really knew in their own souls his or her own truth.

Gilme just was required to make these previous couple of connections, and then an awareness jump to what about a whole new degree of consciousness, would then spontaneously occur once when the timing was now right.

Fugueh had naturally known all with this already himself, and was watching, and closely observing his friend silently within his very own heart. And now the time was right eventually, he’d voiced his own simple and truthful comments directly from his own heart to Gilme.

Real and true communication brings insight and clarity, and is more about hearing what is not being said from the talking along with the speaker, but whatever is being said or communicated within the actual talking, and from heart to heart.

Talking is mind to mind, communication is heart to heart.

Yes, communication is not only just about talking. and talking is not communicating, unless the heart is behind it.

Love must be the genuine message in most communication. Love may be the silent partner of fine listening and good communicating. More is usually said inside silent connection of two hearts, than by the noisy connection of two minds.

Monotony is around repetition. You live from past patterning’s, and thus you then only discover their whereabouts, those self same old patterns and also the conditions brought on by them, playing over to yourself again and again and again, in your everyday life.

As soon because you have noticed a feeling of boredom or monotony of living creeping in your daily life, realise this then without delay, that you are probably following again some fixed patterns and ways of thinking, as well as following your own beliefs only blindly.

If you appear carefully into this boredom, you will always find which you have lost some fascination with living. There is no boredom of living if you live fully from only love.

When your home is in the genuine moment of now, now is usually fresh, and new, and spontaneously lived. This is achieved through the awareness of the particular moment, also it is achieved by not allowing the minute to ever be taken from you, by thoughts of the future, or by every other thoughts chaining you back to your past.

Let it all go, and stay here now, and your life will always be a fresh life, each moment will be a fresh moment in your own life. Now is everything exists with oneness. If you feel monotony, you’re not living fully on this moment of now.

Love is always like this, and love lives only inside moment and for each moment.

We need to get to our heart, and invite the wish to come out, so connect us again to now. We should let those tired old monotonous thoughts drift far away towards the shores of the past or even the future, even as you live around the island of now, now within the sea of love.

Love is often a silent partner of truth, and truth communicates itself from the guts as truth. But the mind only talks and discover truth as facts, and thus it can only know truth like a dead truth.

Enlightenment must result from love that’s alive, and from the clear communication of one’s truth which is coming to you personally from your own personal heart, and which must then stop to listen to itself, as well as to soul, even while it beats out its message of love for your requirements to hear.

And all of this Gilme now realised.

It was true of course, that he had already known all this in the heart from walking those decades with Fugueh, and who had planted his or her own silentness in Gilme’s heart years ago, and by his or her own silent example.

There was a lot more to all of it than just this though. It really all happened as a result of Fugueh being so alive within the moment and always so brimming with love, which Gilme could always feel, this also was why he previously really always loved his daily walks with all the master. But he had never known why he felt using this method over all of those long years, as yet.

It just took the right time for Gilme to cease the chattering of his mind. He needed time and energy to allow all of the silent teaching that Fugueh had given him, and that had now grown to a fantastic wisdom inside him, to emerge from their own silence.

He could then finally sink back down again to his very own heart to ensure that his heart to now lift him back up again towards love. The mind although seemingly higher than one’s heart can never achieve this connection, and really is definitely blocking the link by its monotonous repeating of its very own beliefs and thoughts, as well as programming from your past.

As soon as Gilme was silent, his real wisdom was able to start communicating itself to him. His heart had always contained it, also it’s true which it had always been open for him. He had never allowed himself to totally connect with it before though, because with the constant business of his or her own mind looking to remove the monotonous boredom from his life, knowning that never really existed in his life at any time, with the exception of being as part of his own mind.

Gilme knew this now, and so his walks with Fugueh were never again so monotonous for him. Life is never monotonous. It is only monotonous when it reflects your own monotonous life, and beliefs, and thoughts back to us.

And it only can this so that we can hopefully observe ourselves and find ourselves within this mirror at first, but to then make an effort to get us to reverse this method, therefore that we then reflect our personal love, and provides our heart back to the entire world again.

In using this method we serve them with that perhaps then this world will most likely reflect returning to us it thinks us to become a master now.

But then as Fugueh knows, that a lot is only a reflection and now we are no more a guru than the World that people live in. We are all only ever even as we are, and many types of is as perfect because it should always rightfully be. And this isn’t ever monotonous, unless we ourselves are the ones to get seeing it in that way.

It takes an authority to still be able to find variety within nothing, while at a similar time to not ever be able to find monotony within anything.

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