To educate yourself for your feeling of gratitude

means to adopt nothing with no consideration,

but to always look for and value

the kind that will stand behind the action.

Nothing that is certainly done for you is often a matter of course.

Everything originates in a will for the good,

which is fond of you.

Train yourself never to put off

the word or action to the expression of gratitude.

~Albert Schweitzer

Life has numerous lessons can it not? ‘?You are learning with every step you take, every action made. ‘?You have much success and sometimes so it seems, more failure, but failure is just a learning point if you think maybe of it in that manner.

Take nothing with no consideration, not your family pet, not the morning coffee, not the love of your family. ‘?Nothing ought to be taken for granted. ‘?Everything has meaning for good, it is merely how we allow are perception to consider hold which make it bad, and just in our mind.

Always seek value in exactly what passes through your life and guess what you will always find value, you are going to always find good, even during the mundane items that seem to arrive at us.

Nothing is actually mundan, our thoughts help it become so.

Train yourself, teach yourself make fish an attitude of gratitude can be your new small still voice inside. ‘?That life, is great, that love is not only a noun but a verb that demands action by you together with for others.

Love exactly what has been presented. ‘?Not the type of love that is taken for granted but an appreciation that appreciates the straightforward and acknowledges its purpose.

None of the material possessions do anything whatsoever

to build your life any better….

I know a number of people who have

a large amount of everything, and perhaps they are absolutely

the most miserable people on the planet.

So it’s not going to do anything for you

unless you’re happy person

and might have peace with ourselves.

~Lenny Kravitz

Things are merely that… things. ‘?They attach themselves to no-one, they only exist ‘?as tools to assist and help make our life easier. ‘?But when we start to look at our things, our possessions as’?extensions to our self or worth we currently let them define or effect our happiness.

Never allow everything to define your worth, nothing, never let a mate define your standard worthwhile. ‘?But to allow for your money, or perhaps your possessions is certain destruction on the esteem we feature each day.

Be at peace with yourself, be happy with ourselves and the value you locate everyday in a few of the smallest of places.

Enjoy life.

Live life.




Not just today…. but everyday……start today, then continue on your journey of gratitude and acceptance.


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