For those who take life too seriously

The simple truth is life is supposed to fun! Do the thing is fun about the faces of many of the people you touch during a day? And what do they see after they look at your face?

As a speaker focusing on personal empowerment, I find most audiences lately exhibit an unhealthy a higher level fear, stress, self esteem and a deficiency of energy.

Coincidentally many of them also have this deep wrinkle centered on their forehead right over their nose. I called it the ‘Yikes-wrinkle’ for self-evident reasons.

But with the risk of seeming condescending, I need to say that I too, use to utilize the Yikes-wrinkle. It kept me company and started and ended lots of my days, months and years, until 1 day I finally retired it when my brain gave birth to an interesting concept that drawn me and bound to me once and for all.

Years later, I share the theory with my audiences in order to find that it not just helps them lighten up, however they begin to breathe deeper, ease back their seats just a little and then finally abandon their unique Yikes-wrinkle immediately in front of me. This concept is just called ‘The Game of Life’.


The Game of Life: You can be a spirit and you’re part of a more impressive team. Prior to your birth, you were in a big room with the spirit teammates deciding which of you is certain to get to play a casino game called “LIFE”. The game can be a journey that you (by making use of your team) create along with the object is to have as much fun as you can. Each team member turns into a chance to learn the game eventually. This is the turn.

You are really excited because’well, its fun! Your time will accompany you and also make the sport easier plus more fun if you simply remember to access them. They cannot reveal themselves for your requirements unless you contact them because’well, that’s a part of the game!

Just as with any game, there are instructions which you go over in planning. The instructions read:

1. Congratulations! You will be the lucky player chosen to learn the game of ‘LIFE’ during earth years 19__ – 20__. Have a ball!

2. The object from the Game is to create, have fun, experience, and love.

3. There isn’t competition, no rush to the finish line. There aren’t any losers, everyone can be a winner.

4. The all your team is connected to you even however, you won’t be able to discover their whereabouts.

5. Your teammates retain the key to knowledge, abundance, connections and other things you need and they also can only supply this stuff to you should you ask.

6. You will go with a ‘purpose’ to the Game as well as your goal is to always remember (because living deliberately will bring you complete fulfillment).

7. You will pick a vehicle (body-mind) that can stay with you throughout the Game. Treat your motor vehicle kindly and will also be your companion.

8. Once you commence the Game, an Ego will find you and also accompany you on your journey.

9. Ego’s goal is usually to stop you from remembering that you are a Spirit and to prevent you remembering your life purpose.

10. Ego carries a bag of tricks offering fear, limiting beliefs, obstacles, lack of self-worth, separation for your team’and other silly illusions.

11. Ego’s illusions have no power over you until you allow them to. Remember, you can be a Spirit and much more resilient than Ego!

12. If Ego starts to undermine your fun or your own personal purpose, talk to your team that will diminish Ego’s power.

13. The game can certainly when the timer goes off. You sets the timer before you begin the game.

14. Have as enjoyable as possible!

15. The step to getting the most enjoyment out of the sport of ‘LIFE’ is usually to:

a. Keep Ego in check

b. Access your team regularly

c. Love and take care of your motor vehicle.



The concept of life being a game has enabled many to reduce and get rid of the Yikes-wrinkle. If you set out to think of life as a game, and that you just came here to have a great time, create and find out (remember) your own purpose, you may truly take advantage of the experience.

This light and easy mindset is really a must when you make changes and try interesting things. Every time you commence to expand your comfort zone, Ego (that judgmental voice inside individuals) may try to interfere and say such things as “You is not famous, the possibilities stacked against you’ or ‘You lack what it takes to begin that business’ or ‘You shouldn’t try that, it’s scary and you should never succeed” or ‘You can’t do this, they won’t like you’ or ‘You do not have the money for that’ or ‘You’re not smart enough!” which type of false illusions continue throughout your lifetime. But thankfully, you truly certainly are a Spirit and you really do have a very ‘Team’ (Higher Power) that is there with you for the entire life.

So, in the event the Ego starts that irritating chatter, simply access your Team and request support to squelch the Ego’s voice and strength that will help you proceed forward with enthusiasm.

I encourage that you stop taking life so seriously and commence to enjoy this phenomenal Game that you’re so excited to participate in in!

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