Life is a lovely thing however, facing life and it is purpose there are several answers to it. Some email address details are very grim you need to include despair like nihilism. However, others are bright which enable it to be happy like religion outlook. So other people are filled with philosophy plus some people will follow there own philosophy on life. The greatest question in your life is “What may be the meaning of life?” this is a question many individuals ask themselves at some time during their lives, most in the context “What could be the purpose of life?” There are two major views that talk about life the religious and philosophical. So the question remains is life just materialism or is there more than simply what is facing us that individuals deserve.


According to religious views life is seen as enough time you spend a developing a true relationship which has a higher order “God”, procreate so your religion last generation after generation, Love Your Creator and Fellow Man while you love yourself, to worship your creator and obey what he says and finally to take pleasure from life! You’re developed by a divine being and with everything you have must embrace and love your creator for creating you. Having a relation with your creator will not just make you another creation but one that shows thanks and happiness. To create new life’s part of that function of life. We need to create new life because; we are always living and want to live on. It’s our species mission to move on and be better. The religious outlook on life is that people are evolving via enlightenment thru process. God created you together with everyone that’s human. It’s your job to love god and to like what he created which includes your fellow man. This teaches virtue to you together with every person. God created you and portion of the relationship mention above is usually to worship God.

God demands that you simply obey his law over every other because, his law is divine when your judge on the Day of Judgment he will say to you “have you lived life according to my wishes?” This teaches utilize the Golden Rule. Finally, the intent behind life is to reside life in order to have fun and alleviating the boredom of eternity. Life is often a rollercoaster and eternity could be the ground below that rollercoaster. Eternity is flat with nothing happening however, the rollercoaster is stuffed with ups and downs. By enjoying life according to God and being grateful for which you have and work hard to what you desire is all God asks person when it comes to living the fun and adventurous aspect of life.

The philosophical view looks like it’s that of despair in many instances and stress life your life in particular. Nihilistic opinion of life are that of despair that our life is to be enjoyed because, eventually if we die it is over. Nihilist believers think Christianity took away the need for earthly life and replaced it with “a supposed afterlife.” Therefore our life is meant to become enjoyed on your terms and not on terms of divine beings. Pragmatic approach to life believes we should search for any useful comprehension of life. “The concise explaination life is those purposes which lead you to value it.” Life’s purpose would be to experience it. Existentialist view on our life is that it is indifferent and up to the individual to create his very own values throughout life’s experiences. Life is irritation, painful and never to mention aimless. However salvation can be done through aesthetic contemplation, sympathy for some individuals, and asceticism or even the practice of avoiding worldly pleasures. Those who practice ascetic lifestyles often perceive their practices as virtuous and pursue them to achieve greater spirituality.

Personally I believe life should have some constriction. Live is often a special thing because, you merely live once. This view can both be based on philosophers and religious believers and so can be decided on. I believe life is dualistic and there are multiple paths you are able to take though life. I have confidence in destiny and that individuals are going to do great things or terrible things, these destinations are absolute however, oahu is the journey that alters where we went. I believe in a “heaven/paradise” and I believe in a very “hell.” Based for the absolute that you reach determines that you shall belong.


Have you seen in today’s more busy world that everyone has become materialistic and even nihilistic? Pessimism and Evil thoughts and action occur. Where ever you go you’re bombarded with an advertisement. Even the logo in your car as well as the first thing you see inside the morning. Face it spirituality, morals, values and individuality has been taken away and substituted with materialism, the superficial and “if the average person feels, town reels!”- Brave New World. I encourage that you spreed the term and rate this and some feedback would help you also. I have given plenty of deep thought and contemplation about life and I began to believe in these qualities.

Dualism is but one quality of life and it is supported by many eastern traditions that “Everything in everyday life is balanced” many people say however I believe that people rule out an all important portion of the phrase “inside end”. We live in the world where materialism is running rampant and consumption no longer has sufficient control. In fact today’s world aside from the conspiracy theories we here today is a lot more so liberal than in the past. An example would be our oil supply we consume everyday however we do nothing to conserve. This proves my point that people see ONLY what’s looking at us and lead very unbalanced lives. The lesson in this is the fact that dualism will balance things out so when it does it will likely be harsh. To put things in the metaphor: Look a diving board the greater you are from your pool water the more the impact. The diving pool represents a considerable the pool represents that balance. The higher you might be the greater the impact. Were going to new extremes everyday, that whenever we chose to jump, we just might kill ourselves.

Another quality is destiny. When you consider the world surrounding you; you desire to think that you’re in control. Especially in the western societies where materialism can be a driving factor this also veil of imaginary individuality seems to take effect. If you have a look at it from your religious facet of God. God knows what was, is and is to be. So free will doesn’t apparently play out well anymore. Instead subscribing to the thought that everything happens for any reason seems convenient to accept. For those reading and need more spirituality in life believes that God includes a plan for many of us. If you decide to go into the Christian concept that god wants us to get with him than all the actions in life that happen are enlightenment thru process. “Life is really a succession of lessons.” When you’re mindful of something learn about wrong you try instead of do it again. This event happened which means you do not increase the risk for same mistake. This is often a clear instance of enlightenment through process.

Awareness is often a gift along with a quality containing allowed becoming who we have been today. Being conscious of yourself and others can be a gift if it being divine or by luck or by another concept. Others say ignorance is bliss and that people’d be considerably happier when we were unaware, so how can we be happy if weren’t even conscious of our emotions? If we were unaware of our mortality, unacquainted with our setbacks and humility. We would never be able to say what we want and choose when we really want it. It will be a fact I believe we’d be more serious. It’s that awareness that can help us realize we are special knowning that everything we perceive is a a part of what we should be happy about.

Like stated inside the paragraph above that expressed my views on specification of life; life has two ultimate paths. One day you’ll get to the Fork within the Road Eventually When You Do… Where will you’re going? It’s those choices that say our life is a dualistic and deterministic. Life you can get to move through the sands of your time. Life is bonded by serious amounts of this is the deterministic motivator in every being. When you reach that point inside the road where free will may be existent you’ll decide to do the right thing or self-indulge yourself. Which ever you choose is your destiny. Life Equation: (Life + Time = [Determinism + Dualism] = [Free Will + The Choice = Destiny]). It is a simple equation but it features a GRAND EFFECT on you for the rest of your life.


Now I would like to briefly enter the matter of life after death. I believe life does exist after death. However, there are different forms of afterlife so which one will be the better choice? I believe Reincarnation isn’t feasible. I feel that Reincarnation isn’t likely because, when Hinduism was founded in 1500 BCE a persons population as well as the population of living things was small compared to what it is today. Thanks to increased lifespan, medicine, urbanization and agriculture. To put things into proportion if back some 3500 years back there were 10,000 people there would be 10,000 souls but in the present there’s 50,000 people where did the extra 40,000 souls come from to create further reincarnation? I’m not a skeptic, pessimistic or perhaps cynical. I am merely asking where the additional souls would originate from to make Reincarnation possible.

The western tradition with the abrahamic religions say you will see a day of judgment for his creations. I enroll in the idea of one soul that is certainly everlasting and will also be judged upon by its actions during life. This view helps to make the abrahamic religions one of the most followed inside the world today. If i was to drop materialism, superficial and pessimistic views first day than there can be a heaven on the planet. When you do the right thing instead of the wrong thing that is God Reaching out his hand. He is saying that the unimaginable human good is much more powerful and stronger in the spiritual sense compared to imaginable human wrong doings. Have you ever pointed out that evil is really a short term concept? Lust, Wrath, Greed, Sloth and all the other Deadly Sins are temporary. Sex last until a specific point than it’s over. You take out revenge and kill someone it’s carried out with pull of a trigger.

It’s all short-run. However, good can be a Long-Term thinker. Love, Forgiveness, Sharing, Hard-Work they all pay off in the end. This leads to a normal spiritual and mental life. Knowing that you gave food or money to your homeless man that otherwise couldn’t buy anything, rather than lying and saying you’re broke and coping with the guilt, provides feeling of self-accomplishment. Jesus said: “Ask and it’s going to be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock and it will likely be opened for your requirements.” If you work tirelessly this statement can be a great example. Hard work can be a lesson in discipline. Hard work earns you material and spiritual rewards. Now with that bonus with your paycheck you can give a part of that to that particular homeless man, no matter how small, if the beggar buys it for your things the beggar needs the beggar will probably be thankful. That can be a spiritual boost and provides that LONG TERM FEELING of Happiness.

To believe life will not exist after death is cynical and dangerous thinking and explains why there is some much chaos in the world because, everyone is afraid to die. If you were to take a look at a species which is advanced and intelligent as us the odds of DNA sequencing to create us self aware is 1 in a trillion even scientist believe. Humans will almost always be evolving and I think that as we evolve we spiritually evolve and we develop spirits or soul since time we have become self conscious of death and our very own mortality. Life is strong and demands alive forever. We as smart and evolved as were still cannot explain things and intellectually weak people just sign rid of it as “I usually do not see it therefore it won’t exist.” There are things around us we can’t see with your eyes and hear with the ears and feel with the mind and body that to imagine we were developed to just live and die would invite certain destruction plus more chaos.

IV. LIVING LIFE So how should we live life regardless of if we’re religious or not? Well, life’s great it doesn’t matter what you maybe your living and it’s time now what you are doing than latter. How you live your life’s important. A weak, idiotic and vengeful man is more unlikely enjoying life than a strong, confident and giving man who can be enjoying life for the fullest.

It’s our jobs achieve the highest point of the three cornerstones of living more than ever before especially when we have been young. The reason why is the fact that when you look back on your daily life, when your old you’ll be able to say confidently which you lived life on the fullest. There are three things you need to take care of in your life. Your body, Mind and Soul and/or Emotions.

Your body connects some effort into this world! Without it we might not interact with the world! We could eat, run, embrace or anything. That’s why in everyday life it’s important to take care of what’s yours. Cardio Workouts, Muscular workouts, goal setting techniques and test of how far you can let the body go. Cardio workouts strengthen and improve the endurance with the heart muscle. Doing these workouts burns extra fat and brings cholesterol and blood pressure levels in check. Meanwhile, Strength training exercises raise the size, strength and the overall endurance of skeletal muscle tissues or your voluntary muscles. Doing these workouts test out your bodies being able to lift heavier items and endure very long periods where your strength will be tested. Dieting is another important aspect. Eating the right foods alone increase life connectivity and supply the energy you need to the day. Certain foods help alleviate problems with certain ailments from existing latter on in life.

Your mind is another aspect people life to help keep healthy. Its allows you to get aware of what your doing and why your performing it. Without it you’re equally as intelligent because the rest of our primate ancestors. Being social, smart and aware is key it providing to your mind. When just weren’t alone where generally happy right? Someone else approach. While I do not think it’s unhealthy to talk for you I do believe having someone else to speak to is even better as it shows the interaction going on between to minds. When we say best if you they street or book smart? Well, try both. Being street smart you understand how to talk and connect to others with a basic level. However, being book smart boost the need for what you’re saying because, it shows you know more. So how do you go about being smart? Read books on ideology, philosophy and speak to others with folks. Teach others these views open there horizons. “A healthy mind is a helpful mind.” A final way to improve the value and power of your mind is to meditate. When you meditate your just relaxing your head letting thoughts and anything else wash over that suits you a waterfall. However, you are able to focus on one problem or focus on peace.

Focusing on peace relieves stress out of your world and channels it in a more positive outlet. Your spirit oahu is the emotions of your body and mind in one it is your true inner self. Such a concept like this has been questioned for quite sometime. However imagine your global without it. There will be no real happiness, no real morals and no real emotion. Essentially we could be a computer with no rational individual thought but an immoral community based thinking. Following principles, being honest with yourself while others not to say a belief there is really a bigger plan in your life than just day-to-day activities will greatly boost your soul overall. Morals and principles it’s plenty of what a soul is all about. The human spirit knows that you will find desires and temptations on the market that if cheated could have consequences down the road. Being disciplined and morally straight can assist in preventing temptation altogether. Selecting principle over preferences can be a sign of a strong spirit. Even when the social consequences are big.

Honesty allows others to trust you and also respect you. To be capable to prove your honesty is without a doubt a great feeling it brings an inner peace. A liar would’ve guilt and ultimately seek to repent. Ask yourself this question “Why lie within the first place, if I am planning to feel guilty for this latter?” Eventually truth and honesty will be revealed and when it does it’ll hit hard because, from the lying. To believe in something more than day-to-day living can be a feeling that while eliminates free will does say that there is a destiny for everyone might know about choose to do could make getting there longer or shorter. Destiny, Deterministic Qualities of Time and life all merged having a higher order proves which you have capacity to choose right or wrong to meet your destiny. Believing that there is certainly something more than you is powerful and inspires you to perform the right thing.

So when we are asked for the issue of “What will be the meaning of life?” this is a question a lot of people ask themselves at some point during their lives. We may don’t know it would need the help of the creator to describe to us why the creator made life occur inside first place. We can also produce a good assessment and claim that the creator is energy because, energy always was, always is and always has been most inside context. The other real question is “What will be the purpose of life?” Life is either pointless and you great your personal universe as you go along or includes a purpose to you personally being you’ll find that specific point in time understanding that specific place. It’s a a few living the life span of preference if it is pointless versus living living of principle if there is purpose alive.

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