Being a nurse was once associated with the white starched dress uniform and cap. When you saw someone in that uniform, it meant purity, compassion and care. It also utilized to mean handmaiden or perhaps the ‘one who takes orders.’

These days people still wear white as well as fewer wear dresses. Many nurses don’t even wear uniforms to perform their duties. So the uniform alone is not really representative of nurses.

Being a nurse has always meant more which simply a piece of fabric. Interestingly, many nurses who get out of nursing and into other jobs leave their nurse title behind at the same time. Being a nurse doesn’t have the same good feeling that it employed to. People think of ‘nurse’ and they think of the bedside nurse. Nursing today can be so much more than simply working with the bedside. We impact people in many ways and in numerous environments. The very stuff that make you who you are are the very items that attracted you to nursing to begin with.

So, what does ‘as being a nurse’ mean for you?

A Job

Nursing can be a job. It is something that you do for income. You go to work in a patient care setting ‘ hospitals, outpatient centers, long-term care facilities, home health organizations – perform your duties, and on the end during the day, get a paycheck for the service. Or perhaps you don’t work in a patient care setting but make use of nursing skills in various ways of caring.

Nursing is a great job. It can be a privilege to use people from all walks of life and supply them with care. As a nurse, you do things for people that impact them with techniques that they remember for years. When people access the healthcare arena for care, they have got certain expectations. They are not always at their best. In fact, as nurses, we percieve people at their worst. And during the most intimate, challenging and frightening moments in everyday life, nurses are there by your side.

It’s an unbelievable job.

An Opportunity

Nursing presents many opportunities. In addition to providing good money, it gives you flexibility in scheduling and numerous opportunities for various types of employment and promotions. Nursing enables one to learn a specific set of skills; you’ll be able to work on the innovative of technology with brilliant people. Nursing will give you the opportunity to serve others, building a difference within the lives of others through care, prevention and wellness.

Nursing is usually a springboard to varied other positions. The skills you learn through nursing are invaluable when transferred into other careers including entrepreneurs, CEOs, business, recruiting, recruiting, financial planning, even politics. You name it, there is often a nurse performing it. Your nursing career prepares you for anything. Once a nurse, you can handle anything!

An Identity

Nursing means so far more than like a bedside nurse. Nursing gets to your skin. Being a nurse says something about who you are as a person. I work primarily with nurses because there are common characteristics that we share. As a nurse, it comes with an implication that you will be compassionate, caring, hard working, ethical, trustworthy ‘ all incredible attributes to become known for. If you exhibit these characteristics, they may be part of your identity. And they choose you throughout your health and career. Nurses will also be critical thinkers, trained observers, problem-solvers, and highly creative.

As a nurse, you get to determine what values you express on the job. There is often a difference between advocating, by way of example, and patronizing. There’s a difference between helping someone ‘ where it comes with an implication of a hierarchical structure (I am much better than you so I help you to definitely get better) versus performing care, assisting, supporting and serving (in service). You can accept responsibility for your care you give and the tasks you perform and how you perform those tasks. In healthcare, people usually take things personally. But you need being able to ingredient that out of the equation and accept responsibility for what one does and not for which the patient does ‘ or doesn’t do, or for the purpose others do ‘ or don’t do. You decide the level of nurse you are going to get and what qualities you need to represent whatever others do.

Nursing as a possible identity ensures that you see yourself as possessing the qualities of the nurse no matter what job what you are doing. I am a nurse and am proud to get one, although I don’t perform direct patient care. It is a part of who I am and the values that I hold dear in my opinion ‘ integrity, lifelong learner, excellence, mastery, connection. Today, I express these values through my coaching business. So, simply what does ‘as being a nurse’ mean to you?

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