Enlightening quotes are the best source for gaining inspiration. These type of quotes can be bought in the quotation dictionary and quotation treasures. Enlightening quotes could be in different category and my favorite category is life quotes. The reason I love life quotes happens because it gives us wisdom to create good life. We gain wisdom and life lessons without going through the experiences the wise person went through. So we needs to be thankful for the children, they shared their wisdom, views and variety opinions using life sayings.

In this short article, I’m going to share few life quotes that are listed in my favorite list. I have been collecting life quotes for a long time and these quotes are the most useful among them. I’m going to share three life quotes. You can find more about the internet.

My first favorite life quote is “Life is a lot like writing which has a pen. You can cross your past however you cannot erase it.” The origin of the life quotes is unknown. However, they have the truth that most of us are not aware though we know it. It’s saying the past are not changeable. So, we have to give attention to the actual and make something beautiful from our life. Howard Martin has once said we are writing story of our life, one moment at any given time.

The second life quote is “When life provides you with hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have thousand why you should smile.” I love this life quote and a lot of people that I’ve told this quotes loves the old saying. This life quote inspires us by looking into making us strong to handle the challenges that appears in our life. No matter what happens, often there is something good worth being happy for.

The third life quote is “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today can be a gift; that is why they think of it as present.” This quote originally published by Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. This quote lets us know the same the initial quote above have taught us. However this life quotes tells it in beautiful way and adds present and future. Yesterdays are there for us to master from it. Tomorrow will only be revealed tomorrow. All we could joy for is today.. it’s called present.

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