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Life is a lovely thing however, facing life and it is purpose there are several answers to it. Some email address details are very grim you need to include despair like nihilism. However, others are bright which enable it to be happy like religion outlook. So other people are filled with philosophy plus some people will follow there own philosophy on life. The greatest question in your life is “What may be the meaning of life?” this is a question many individuals ask themselves at some time during their lives, most in the context “What could be the purpose of life?” There are two major views that talk about life the religious and philosophical. So the question remains is life just materialism or is there more than simply what is facing us that individuals deserve.

I. OUTLOOK ON LIFE According to religious views life is seen as enough time you spend a developing a true relationship which has a higher order “God”, procreate so your religion last generation after generation, Love Your Creator and Fellow … Continue reading

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Article Title: Sharing Some Musings on “the Meaning of Life and Choosing one’s Path in Life” (from ‘Steps to Success, Prosperity and Happiness’)

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